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Direct Air Capture project

How It Works
The concept is based on an industrial apparatus that pushes ambient air through a filter made out of a novel polymer material, where the selectively bonded carbon dioxide in the material is then released using a moisture swing method producing concentrated CO2 gas at high efficiency.
This process of using a moisture swing method is advantageous over other materials and existing Direct Air Capture technologies, as there’s almost no energy required to capture and safely release the CO2.
Using a method of repeating absorption-desorption cycles, this approach enables us to carry out 80 cycles/day in 24 hours capturing and releasing 500g of CO2 with 1kg of filter material a day.
Our technology can be placed anywhere and in order to be operated at the highest efficiency it is best to be placed in a dry and warm climate. When also taking CO2 storage potential into account, Hungary seems promising due to it’s large capacity for geological CO2 storage.
Prototype Introduction
aether's DAC concept has been validated by the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Material and Environmental Chemistry (TTK).

After the successful completion of measurments with the laboratory prototype, now we are testing our desktop prototype in it's natural environment of which we are happy to share results about upon interest.
Meet Our Team
The pilot project of a small team of engineers and sustainability business experts.
Our partners
We are seeking technological industry partners who are interested in long-term collaboration.
If you are interested to become a partner or sponsor, get in touch with us!
  • AirMiners Launchpad
    We are participating in the 6-week accelerator program developed by the Elon Musk XPRIZE for Carbon Removal and Creative Destruction Lab, which is supporting early teams removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Material and Environmental Chemistry
    Partnered with Hungary's most relevant academic institute to advance our R&D efforts together with knowledgeable and credible talents in the field of clean technologies.
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